The Outdoor wood-fired Hot Tub is the perfect alternative to a conventional Jacuzzi. With no noises from any pumps running you can enjoy a silent evening in the bushveld listening to the sounds of nature such as night jar, owls and more. You might even be lucky and get some visitors while hanging out in the tub: steenbokkies do rather often their rounds and peak in.

If you more into astrology and/or astronomy this is a stunning way of doing star gazing in a different way. While you are counting all the stars, your stress level will lower accordingly, it'll calm your soul and also works as back pain relief. Stay in it as long as you like and get only out once skin is growing between your fingers.

And if it happens that you are just on Honeymoon, the Hot Tub is a "must experience" as it is ideal for a unforgettable romantic evening.

Ask for our various Wellness Packages including Simply Bee products. Best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. For Farr Out resident guests only.

The tub is approx. 1.40m deep and 1.70m in diameter, water temperature reaches about 40 degrees. Not advisable if you suffer from high blood pressure. Use at own risk.