Paternoster in Winter time

Winter is still in full swing at the West Coast, but what exactly does that mean?!

Looks like that some people have the false impression that during the colder winter months the West Coast becomes completely uninhabitable. Obviously the owners of Farr Out Guest house still staying here, therefore this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Winter is a different and interesting time to visit the West Coast for a variety of reasons.
Believe it or not: the best thing about the winter is the fact that the sea temperature is actually warmer. The reason for this is mainly because of the change in wind direction, which shifts from the south-east to a north-westerly direction (very strong at times-in other words: into our faces!). In summer the wind from the south-east blows away the top layer of warm water and is replaced by an icy cold upwelling of water from the ocean floor (you definitely need the summer sun to survive that). Winter water = awesome. Not to mention that the winter swell makes for amazing waves; surfer paradise!

Enjoy your trip to charming fishermen town Paternoster, one of famous South Africa's holiday destination on the West Coast