Preparing Classic Beach Buggy for the Season

Preparing Classic Beach Buggy for the Season

The self-built unique Classic Beach Buggy is by now a Paternoster icon. Qualified Tour Guide Deon Van Schalkwyk likes to share his tales with West Coast visitors. On occasions he is even lucky to show off with playful dolphins and whales in the ocean or Duiker, Steenbok, Secretary Bird, tortoises, snakes and more on terra-firma.

But he also needs to take care of his vintage car: the gearbox needs replacement as well as some other little but important parts. As much as it doesn't sound like for a non-mechanic but it's easiest to take the complete Beach Buggy apart to get to the parts. And in between Deon loves to practise steering again.

The Beach Buggy should be up and running again by end of the week and Deon can then start his tailor-made tours at 4-star graded guesthouse Farr Out at the outskirts of the village again. He will give away some interesting stories of Paternoster before he going through thick sand and dunes along the dirt tracks of Paternoster bay over to Duikereiland. Please note this Classic is NOT a 4X4, but be surprised where the Beach Buggy is able to take you!

Beach Buggy driver DeonBeach Buggy in the garage

Written by : Marion