Ready for Africa?

Ask yourself the question: Are you "ready for Africa"?

o    Would you enjoy a braai in a sheltered tepee and eat casually around an open fire rather tha going to a five star restaurant?
o    Would you enjoy an evening under the stars without any light pollution rather than watching a movie in the cinema?
o    Would you enjoy a comfortable double bedroom and watch our little game, ie duiker, mongoose, francolin, and more from the private terrace rather than staying in a snazzy hotel?
o    Would you enjoy floating in a wood fired hot tub at comfortable bath temperature, drinking your champagne out of a plastic mug rather than a crystal glass and watching a falling star?
o    Would you enjoy a beach buggy tailor made trip along the coastline with your hair blowing in the wind rather then driving around in a sportscar?

If you answered all questions with yes, you can get going. You are at the right place in Paternoster - at Farr Out Guesthouse. Follow this link to find out availability.

Written by : Marion