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Merry XMAS and a Happy New Year 2018

The teams of Farr Out Guesthouse in Paternoster and Quay West Holiday Home in Velddrif wishing you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness. Make every moment of the Holidays a wonderful time by spending it with loved ones. To put an end to something old, we have to start a thing new, wishing you with a joy-filled heart though the words here are few. A very HAPPY 2018!

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Christmas at Farr Out Guesthouse, Paternoster


We would like to reward you with our "Come-Back-Special" for online reservations and welcome you / your family / friends back at Farr Out and/or Quay West in the future! Check availability and get automatically 5 % discount on your next reservation at Farr Out.

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Good to know about Paternoster

Good to know about Paternoster

One of the town’s most distinctive features is the abundance of fisherman houses coated in whitewashed paint. The authentic façade allows you to step back in history and enjoy the marvels of a historic town.

The “colour code” has its origins back in the day when it was considered that to coat one’s house with a thin paste composed primarily of water and lime, is the most effective and economical way to paint your home. It was inexpensive and easy to maintain and when applied to a surface, the mixture forms a thin opaque film of calcium carbonate (plaster), which is non-yellowing because there is no oil binder.

Historically it was used on the exterior of the house to reflect heat and was somewhat effective as a fire retardant and thermal insulator when applied in thick layers. It was also considered a “sanitary” coating due to its disinfect qualities.

Although modern paints are now being used, the Paternoster community still currently adheres to this tradition, resulting in a charming authentic village where you can find a house of any color, as long as it is white.

SABC3 The Weekend Edition presents Paternoster

SABC3 The Weekend Edition presents "Where Josie goes" on Sunday, 29 January 2017 between 6.30 and 9AM, in and around Paternoster with Farr Out Guesthouse.

Josie enjoyed her stay in famous "Wigwam Rising Moon", went for a little bit of wind in her hair with Deon in the Beach Buggy and to round it off, she relaxed in wood-fired Hot Tub in the evening.



Ready for Africa?

Ask yourself the question: Are you "ready for Africa"?

o    Would you enjoy a braai in a sheltered tepee and eat casually around an open fire rather tha going to a five star restaurant?
o    Would you enjoy an evening under the stars without any light pollution rather than watching a movie in the cinema?
o    Would you enjoy a comfortable double bedroom and watch our little game, ie duiker, mongoose, francolin, and more from the private terrace rather than staying in a snazzy hotel?
o    Would you enjoy floating in a wood fired hot tub at comfortable bath temperature, drinking your champagne out of a plastic mug rather than a crystal glass and watching a falling star?
o    Would you enjoy a beach buggy tailor made trip along the coastline with your hair blowing in the wind rather then driving around in a sportscar?

If you answered all questions with yes, you can get going. You are at the right place in Paternoster - at Farr Out Guesthouse. Follow this link to find out availability.

Preparing Classic Beach Buggy for the Season

Preparing Classic Beach Buggy for the Season

The self-built unique Classic Beach Buggy is by now a Paternoster icon. Qualified Tour Guide Deon Van Schalkwyk likes to share his tales with West Coast visitors. On occasions he is even lucky to show off with playful dolphins and whales in the ocean or Duiker, Steenbok, Secretary Bird, tortoises, snakes and more on terra-firma.

But he also needs to take care of his vintage car: the gearbox needs replacement as well as some other little but important parts. As much as it doesn't sound like for a non-mechanic but it's easiest to take the complete Beach Buggy apart to get to the parts. And in between Deon loves to practise steering again.

The Beach Buggy should be up and running again by end of the week and Deon can then start his tailor-made tours at 4-star graded guesthouse Farr Out at the outskirts of the village again. He will give away some interesting stories of Paternoster before he going through thick sand and dunes along the dirt tracks of Paternoster bay over to Duikereiland. Please note this Classic is NOT a 4X4, but be surprised where the Beach Buggy is able to take you!

Beach Buggy driver DeonBeach Buggy in the garage