Paternoster is just a casual 1,5 hour's drive North of Cape Town, where past and present meet. Bare this peaceful feeling in mind and you will get to the right place for your choice of a perfect vacation. Becoming well known as the St Tropez of South Africa, the holiday paradise stays charming along the West Coast. The fishing community is also well known far beyond the borders of South Africa, ideal as a stopover en route to / from Cape Town, Namibia, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP) or Namaqualand.

The village which acquired its name from the prayers, particularly "Our Father", offered up by shipwrecked Portuguese sailors, displays traditional fishermen's architecture. Paternoster is renowned as a prime spot for fishing for crayfish in season. For those who enjoy nature, the area offers more than 250 species of birds. The cormorant, sacred ibis and oystercatcher use the coastline as a breeding ground. Dolphins, whales, Penguin and seals are visiting regular this shoreline.

Lots of recreational activities are offered in town from extensive beach walks along Paternoster’s bay to kayaking, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking as well as tailor-made Beach Buggy rides. Local artists and sculptors display their unique work at various galleries and sites in Paternoster. Trips to nearby towns of Langebaan, Hopefield and Velddrif make your holiday eventful and unforgettable.

Between July and September the spring flowers becoming an amazing attraction to the area. Endless flower carpets will take your breath away.

Go for the perfect 'off the beaten track breakaway' and escape from the daily routine and into West Coast vacation fun!

Paternoster Weather
Know your holiday weather in detail beforehand. Get all-weather information here, like temperature, pressure, humidity and wind speed.

The climate and environment on land is strongly influenced by the ocean currents flowing past the landmasses. It is typically Mediterranean: summer is warm with February being the hottest month of the year with temperatures reaching 40° C, dry, mild, lots of wind but low summer rainfall prevail. The temperature rises from a nice low of 15°C to a heart-warming 27°C. Winter along the coast is chilly but hardly ever drops below 7° C and the midday highs see temperatures of 18°C. The yearly rainfall is on average 230mm.

When is the best time to visit South Africas West Coast?
First of all, there is nothing wrong with the weather at any time of the year. It’s just the fact you might wear the wrong clothes. Visitors delighted by the endless sunshine in summer may well be literally swept off their feet by the “Cape Doctor” reaching also the West Coast, a powerful south-easterly wind clearing the air of pollution (hence the name "Cape Doctor") between November and February.

To many, March and April signal idyllic weather: summer's heat subsides, the wind settles. Some others prefer the winter months for travelling. Days are short though but hardly any wind. Between 11AM and 3PM you might even be able to wear your shorts. And if the rain falls … what can be better than staying under a nice electric blanket along with a book to read.

However, with the onset of spring (from August to October), the fast-retreating winter merges with the summer sun, bringing forth some of the world's most spectacular massive bouquet of flowers.


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Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Paternoster might look like a Greek fishing village from afar, but the village has its own cuisine thanks to a handful of inspired chefs and restaurateurs.



So much more to do on the West Coast - activities in and around Paternoster


Flower Season

It'll take your breath away! Feast your eyes on the magnificent, colourful flower-carpet in spring, best time to view from mid-August till mid-September. Secure your accommodation well in advance!