Go Green

In times of saving the environment Farr Out also implemented various energy saving and recycling projects. Here is a list what was all done over the past years:


  • Toilet flushes with twin flush system
  • Shower heads were replaced to water saving ones
  • Gutters to collect rain water which is re-used for watering the garden
  • Water bench which is holding approx. 2000l water
  • Irrigation systems are on timer


  • Solar geysers heat up water for showers
  • All 50W lightbulbs were exchanged to 5W LED lights
  • Garden lights are on timer


  • Farr Out recycles plastic, bottles and tins, paper, compost
  • Tomato sauce bottles get a new life and become birdfeeders which can be purchased in our onsite shop
  • All guests amenities have been replaced by dispensers
  • Batteries are collected and taken to recycling place
  • Owl boxes have been put up so that owls keep rodents at bay without spraying poison